We are your outsourced business development partner.  Designed specifically for agencies, we help agencies build predictable new business solutions that attracts their dream clients, increases billings, and allows them to build the agency they have always envisioned. 


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Ready to ditch

the new business roller coaster?  

Ignition is your outsourced new business partner that will get you off the roller coaster once and for all.

We'll show you the solutions to grow your agency and new business proof it so you never need to worry again where the next client is coming from. 

New Business Doesn't

Need to be Hard

There are three keys to winning the new business game:

  1. Knowing who you are as an agency

  2. Talking to the right people

  3. Having a repeatable and scalable process  


Simple as that and we'll help you with that.  

Jump Start Your

New Revenue

Most agencies have the same problem - relying on passive business development tactics such as referrals for the bulk of their new business efforts.


The problem is that referrals aren't scalable nor predictable.  When they dry up, the new business pipeline dries up. Also you don't have control on who's coming in through that referral channel...how scary is that? 


As a result, without a steady stream of new prospects coming in, your agency doesn't have the lifeblood needed to survive and thrive.

If you had a business development tool that you can deploy on demand and scales with your agency, wouldn't that be a good thing for you agency?

What Working With Ignition Is Like 

Our goal: New Business Proof Your Agency

  • We position you correctly for your target market

  • We find all of the pockets of opportunity for you

  • We warm up the conversations for you

  • We find the right approaches and strategies for your agency when pitching 

  • We stand with you every step of the process until the proposal is signed and closed