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Meet Jeff Pugel, Founder of Ignition

Are you an agency leader who is finding it hard to grow, or to even make it off the ground? 


Do you wish that new business wasn’t so much a chore?


Are you giving your agency enough new business support to give it a chance? 


Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.


I help agencies fix their new business problems and win their dream clients by walking them through the agency new business approach that allowed me to win over 50% of the agency pitches I was involved with. 


Clients come to me when:

  • Their pipeline has dried up

  • They can’t talk with the type of client they want to be working with

  • They’re looking for a more predictable way to generate new business


Above all else, their agency is LOSING OUT TO COMPETITORS and LOSING OUT ON PROFITS because they can’t attract the type of clients they need and want.


Agencies are great at doing work for their clients that get results, but struggle at doing the same great work for themselves.  It’s the classic cobbler’s kid syndrome that the industry is known for.   I saw it first hand when I worked at agencies. 


I remember how when I was working at agencies that new business was nearly always an afterthought, especially at the smaller agencies.  There was no formal processes and as a result it was never predictable and couldn’t be scaled. 


My goal is to help agencies get unstuck.  Think of it like the agency’s agency. 


I’ve been there.  Literally.  8 agencies (small, medium, and large), two broadcast stations (one TV, one radio), a couple of digitial companies, and  one magazine, all across three markets.  

I’ve pitched and been pitched to my entire career.  Pitching media plans.  Pitching package deals.  Pitching enterprise level strategic partnerships.

I sat on the agency side as a media planner being pitched by the best sales people out there.  I’ve also pitched on agency pitch teams to a room full of disgruntled pizza chain franchisors and stone-faced government contractors.  My team won both of those pitches. 

I’ve learned along the way that the best success in developing sales is to build relationships first and then the sales will naturally come.

“People love to buy but hate to be sold” is what I was told early on by a cagey old veteran.  That saying stuck.

When I applied that approach to my prospecting, I started to stop dreading it as much as I wasn’t interrupting someone’s day with a flat cold call sales pitch, but rather starting a conversation.  We all like to talk.  Right? 

And what happened?   My calendar slowly and surely started to get more appointments on it.

I’ve now taken those learnings, strategies, and tactics I used to grow my own books of business and bringing them to the larger agency world to help you fix your new business pipeline and growing revenues.  At the end of the day, I’m an agency person who wants to see agencies thrive.

Biz dev.  The dirty deed everyone knows they need to do but if you’re being honest with yourself, something you’d rather not have to do.  It’s a bit like exercising, eating healthy, or brushing your teeth twice a day. We all know we should do it, but are we?  The sheer number of in-bound messages I received echoing this was proof to me that agencies need their own agency. 

We do this for our clients quite naturally. It never occurred to me to help my fellow agency peers.  Until now.

If you are an agency – advertising, social media, marketing, web development, etc. – let’s talk.

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We are your outsourced business development partner.  Designed specifically for B2B companies, we help you build predictable new business solutions that attracts your dream clients, increases sales, and allows you to build the client list you have always envisioned. 

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