How to Grow Your Company Today - Predicatably and

In Control

Many companies find it hard to grow, or to even make it off the ground, because they're not experts in finding and selling new clients.  No one told you that the day you opened your company that you'll have another job title in addition to Founder, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, or whatever your title is.  It's CSO - Chief Sales Officer.

If you're a leader that is struggling with this, I get it.  They didn't teach you this back in school.

Now you're in a bind because of it.

Your new business pipeline is drying up.  Or worse, has dried up. 

You've exhausted your network.

For whatever reason, you took your eye off of new business.

It's OK.  It happens.  We've all done it.

Good news, there is an almost plug-n-play option to get things moving again and fast.  Not 100% turnkey, but pretty close. 

Our done-for-you lead generation solution is designed for just these instances.   We helps get your leads flowing again in just a matter of days using a combination of LinkedIn and warm e-mail outreach.


By scaling your leads in a predictable pattern, you'll not just jumpstart your sales pipeline today but on an ongoing basis to grow your business predictably, almost "on-demand".  What could having an on-demand lead generation system do for your pipeline?


Ignition will write tested and optimized outreach copy and deploy on your behalf to your ideal client profile on LinkedIn - engaging prospects who want to have a conversation with you.

By leveraging a combination of LinkedIn and warm e-mail, we'll implement a systematic outreach and relationship marketing system to help find and turn your best prospects into paying clients.  



Profile Makeover

Refreshing your LinkedIn profile as this will be the front door for creating interest.  We'll build an engaging profile that will attract and inform your target market about exactly what you do and why they need you. 

How easy would it be if your dream client reached out to


Identify Your Target

Your ideal client is out there.  Can they find you?  Once the audience segment is identified, a nurture and messaging campaign on LinkedIn is started that appears it is coming from you personally. 


What would that level of outreach do for your agency?


Messaging matters: we'll formulate an engaging and customized messaging funnel for your niche that attracts your target to take action through a Problem > Solution > Call to Action message sequence.  Around 100 "connect with me" messages will be sent daily with a connection rate of 15-30%.  


What type of can't resist offer are you willing to deploy to get your future client to engage with you?  


Extending the reach and engagement of your new connections who haven't taken action yet.   An email campaign will be crafted for you and dripped over several months in unison with the LinkedIn messaging to get even more traction with your target market.

At this point, are you ready to start engaging with clients who need and want your help?

Increased Profile Traffic

You'll experience a significant increase of visitors to your LinkedIn profile.  LinkedIn's algorithms will also notice this and start to feature you more prominently in your network's feed.   

Your Audience Will Grow

Your LinkedIn network will grow exponentially each month as new prospects join your rapidly growing network.  With all of those new connections, your updates and posts will now appear in their feed keeping you top of mind. 

A steady stream of leads

No longer relying just upon referrals, you'll enjoy a more predictable and controllable pipeline of new leads for your agency that you now control.  


On average, our clients generate 3-5 qualified leads per week.


Besides having 3-5 new qualified leads to engage with each week,  there are several other benefits as well....


The Results

About Ignition

We are your outsourced business development partner.  Designed specifically for B2B companies, we help you build predictable new business solutions that attracts your dream clients, increases sales, and allows you to build the client list you have always envisioned. 

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