How to Grow Your Pipeline

Predicatably & In Control

Many B2B companies find it hard to grow, or to even make it off the ground, because they're not experts in finding and selling new clients.  No one told you that the day you opened your company that you'll have another job title in addition to Founder, CEO, Chief Creative Officer, or whatever your title is.  It's CSO - Chief Sales Officer.

If you're a leader that is struggling with this, I get it.  They didn't teach you this back in school.

Now you're in a bind because of it.

Your new business pipeline is drying up.  Or worse, has dried up. 

You've exhausted your network.

For whatever reason, you took your eye off of new business.

It's OK.  It happens.  We've all done it.

Good news, there is an almost plug-n-play option to get things moving again and fast.  Not 100% turnkey, but pretty close. 

Let's just be frank, there are no shortcuts to success.  


By building a full business development model based on opportunity creation in a predictable and scalable pattern, you'll not just jumpstart your sales pipeline today but on an ongoing basis to be able to grow your business predictably, almost "on -demand". What could having a full business development system do for your agency?


The Opportunity Creation Process  

To win clients, clients need to know what you can do for them better than anyone else.   This is where most companies tend to miss the mark.  That's good news for you as you're starting to take the first step to separate you from the competition.

The Opportunity Creation Process is a 3-step framework designed to get your momentum back and keep  it.  It will transform your new business process into a scalable and predictable tool that works for you and your agency so that you are protected from ever having to wonder again where that next client is coming from.  


By helping owners and sales teams design the right new business approaches and strategies for their business, it will position you for New Business Nirvana by positioning you as THE solution to your new client's problem. 

A question to ask yourself:  What could having a full business development system do for your ?


The Process

Within 3 months of getting started, you'll have a custom built new business machine built just for you that is just getting started to hum with the activity of new opportunity.


Niche finder

Find and validate your niche

Find how to message and sell to your niche

Start to generate opportunities and have sales conversations with new prospects


The Accelerator

Taking the results and validation from Niche Finder, we'll start to accelerate the process:

Scale outreach

Scale conversations

Scale opportunities


implementation & ENjoyment

With the niche, messaging, & outreach validated we'll systematize the rest of the business development process to make it predictable and scalable:

Proposal Development

Proposal Pitching

Proposal Follow-up


About Ignition

We are your outsourced business development partner.  Designed specifically for B2B companies, we help you build predictable new business solutions that attracts your dream clients, increases sales, and allows you to build the client list you have always envisioned. 

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