How to Generate New Business Opportunity Leads

Creating new opportunities and leads is the most important thing you can do for your agency. Without leads, you won’t make the sales your agency needs to grow.

Essentially, lead generation is about bringing in new customers and creating new opportunities for your agency. The key is making sure the leads you generate are the right fit.

How Do You Generate New Leads and Opportunities for Your Agency?

If you are still relying on referrals for the majority of your new business, it’s time to rethink your marketing. It is not simple but, if you want your agency to grow, you have to do it.

Here is how you can generate new business opportunity leads with an effective lead generation campaign.

1. Determine Your Target Market and Qualify Your Leads

Do not confuse an increase in website traffic with lead generation - only consider legitimate prospects as leads. It doesn’t matter how many people visit your website if they aren’t a good fit for your agency.

Decide the type of client you want to work with. Focusing on a particular type helps you stand out in a crowded market and taking on client types that you are not used to working with costs time and effort.

Learn everything you can about your target leads then mold your marketing to appeal to them.

Figuring out which leads are of value then directs your sales efforts. Focus only on the leads you’ve determined are suitable.

Know what you’re looking for in a lead so you can quickly assess its potential without wasting time or resources.

2. Set Goals for Your Agency

Successful marketing campaigns start with specific goals. Keep track of how your agency has performed in the past and focus on exceeding those numbers.

Where does your agency need to improve? If you need to generate more leads, focus on increasing those numbers. If you want to attract a more valuable type of client, make that your goal.

Always aim to improve your conversion rate. Turn the leads you attract into successful sales. Take a hard look at your sales process to figure out how you can improve your sales pitches and closing conversations.

3. Improve the Content of Your Marketing

Creating marketing content that is attractive to your ideal customers is essential. Make sure everything you post appeals to the group you’re trying to sell to.

The right content raises your agency’s brand awareness, increases the number of viable leads you connect with, and promotes your business over the competition. If your content resonates with your target market, the leads you generate with your marketing efforts are actually worth your time.

Make sure your marketing content tells your leads what they want to know. What can you do for them that the competition cannot?

4. Choose Marketing Channels and Development Tactics That Will Work with Your Targets

Your agency is unique and so is your target market. Make sure that each marketing technique you use fits with your target audience. Remember, your preference for and familiarity with a certain channel is irrelevant. All that matters is what works with the leads you are trying to attract.

Research your target market to inform these decisions. Step out of your comfort zone and familiarize yourself with the marketing channels that generate the best prospects. Don’t let your new business pipeline dry up. If one marketing channel is ineffective, try another.

Social media marketing involves much more than simple Facebook advertisements. Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are effective social media channels, depending on your target audience. Go where your ideal leads are.

Engagement is key. Create advertisements that encourage your leads to interact with your content and website.

Don’t forget the effectiveness of email campaigns. Email might seem like a dated way to reach leads but the reality is that, for most people, email is still the primary way of doing business. If you’re conducting an email campaign to generate leads, make sure your emails contain a call to action.

All of your marketing should eventually lead to productive sales conversations.

5. Get Personal While Communicating With Leads

You don’t want prospective leads to forget you. The key is making sure your agency is memorable.

In this day and age of endless digital advertisements and spam emails, it is easy to forget how far a personal touch goes. Learning what makes your ideal leads unique allows you to craft messages that appeal directly to them.

Breaking down barriers and connecting with them on a more personal level sets your agency apart from the competition.

If your marketing content is more personalized to the needs of a specific type of client, they are more likely to connect with it. Remember, after connecting with a lead, always keep the sales process in mind during your opening communication. What do they want and how can your agency give it to them?

6. Optimize Your Website for Lead Creation

Make sure your website contains a strong call to action. If your marketing content is successful in driving leads to your website, visitors should easily be able to find what they are looking for and take the next step.

Remember, if your website doesn’t capture the attention of your leads, your marketing becomes ineffective. Don’t waste time and effort coming up with effective marketing if your website can’t convert visitors into viable leads.

Website content is one of the most easily controlled parts of lead creation. If you aren’t working on making your website as effective as possible, you are wasting its potential.

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