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Ignition and Opportunity Creation

Think of Ignition as your new outsourced new business partner.

Ignition offers new business services and solutions that are tailored to help grow your company and solve the problem of how to find your next client.

Every company, no matter its size, struggles with finding new leads and creating new opportunities. You can’t be passive and rely on referrals trickling in to generate new leads. Success depends on taking the initiative.

You can benefit from Ignition’s proven business generation strategy. We help your company thrive by helping you build confidence in who you are as a company peak with the right people and have productive conversations leading to actual sales.

Most importantly, this is a repeatable and scalable process - not a one-time boost in sales and leads.

But My Company Already Gets Plenty of Referrals!

Most small businesses fall into the trap of relying on passive business development tactics.

Depending too much on referrals is one of the most common causes of stagnation.

Referrals are not predictable nor reliable and they are difficult to scale up. If you want your business to grow, you have to constantly be bringing in new clients, not waiting for them to find you.

When you depend entirely on referrals for your business, you’re forced to work with whoever reaches out to you. They may be too small, too big, or even outside of your industry expertise altogether.

Don’t sit around waiting for leads to come to you! Work on cultivating targeted leads and opportunities that suit your agency. Without a steady stream of new prospects, your company will stagnate.

If you have aspirations of growing your business, you should be looking at more reliable business development tools. This is where Ignition comes in.

The Benefits of Ignition

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Ignition aims to help position your business so it is focused on your target market.

We get conversations started for you and help narrow down the approaches and strategies you should use when pitching to new clients to get proposals signed and over the line.

Ignition’s goal is to help you build a marketing strategy that doesn’t just attract new business but also the clients you want to work with.

Your business is unique and so are its long and short-term goals. Working with professionals helps you build the agency you originally dreamed of. There is no one-size-fits-all about working with Ignition. Any business development plan we come up with is customized to your agency’s specific needs.

Think of Ignition as a partner rather than a service. The focus is on what your company needs to increase prospects, generate leads, and create more opportunities. Ultimately, working together to achieve your goals increases your company's overall sales numbers.

A lot of businesses make the same costly mistake when they are first starting out - they lack a solid outbound strategy. If they have a sales team, that focus is almost entirely on inbound leads and handling existing clients.

The truth is, your business cannot afford to sit back and wait for leads to come to you. You need to actively pursue and generate your own leads or you’ll just end up recycling old clients instead of gaining new business. Without new clients, your business will never reach the next level.

Ignition can help. By working with us, you learn everything you need to know about prospecting, lead generation, and, most importantly, how to nurture those leads and turn them into sales.

So, What is Ignition’s Process and How Can It Help Me?

Ignition follows a process tailored specifically to your company's unique needs. The key to our success is that each step is designed to create a custom business-generating machine for your agency.

The process can be boiled down to three main steps:

Niche Finder

The first step is to discover your company's niche. So many companies assume that, because they are focusing on a particular segment of the market, clients will suddenly come to them. It is not that simple.

Ignition shows you how to contact and sell to clients in your niche. Once you have learned their needs, you can begin generating new opportunities. With Ignition, you learn everything you need to know about having the right sales conversation with your new prospects.

The Accelerator

Once your niche has been isolated and prospects identified, the next step is fast-tracking the process and taking it to the next level.

The key to this is scaling up your sales opportunities. The goal? Growth.

Working together, we scale up your outreach which results in greater lead generation and more exposure for your agency. If you want to land your dream projects and help your business grow, you have to take steps to scale up your outreach.

As your outreach grows, so will conversations with new contacts and leads. Ignition not only helps your agency reach new leads, but we also improve your ability to talk to them. You won’t have to sit back and wait for potential clients to come to you anymore. Sales opportunities will finally be in your own hands.

Implementation and Enjoyment

With your niche identified and your outreach and communication enhanced, we then systematize the rest of the process.

This is where leads turn into sales. Together, we develop your ability to develop and pitch effective proposals, one of the critical phases of business development. No matter how great your ideas are, if you cannot present a convincing case for your business, you won’t be able to sell it.

Ignition guides you through proposals from start to finish, including developing pitches, following up, and ultimately closing the deal. You and your business then reap the rewards.

Grow Your Business

Building a full business development plan based on your needs creates new opportunities and helps you grow your business in a predictable and repeatable way. Don’t let your business stagnate. Take the initiative and let Ignition open your business to new opportunities.

About Ignition

We are your outsourced business development partner.  Designed specifically for B2B companies, we help you build predictable new business solutions that attracts your dream clients, increases sales, and allows you to build the client list you have always envisioned. 

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