5 Awesome Lead Generation Strategies

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Effective lead generation strategies are critical to your company's growth and development. Without fresh leads, your agency’s overall growth stagnates. If you’re not capturing the interest of the right people, your sales pipeline suffers.

There are many ways to generate new leads for your company but they’re not equally effective. The digital age has caused a massive shift in the industry, especially when it comes to lead generation and finding potential customers.

Now more than ever, lead generation strategies rely heavily on digital channels. With the rising importance of social media, your agency must have a presence where potential leads are most active.

There is an endless stream of information available online about your potential clients. If you aren’t using modern lead generation techniques to develop and qualify leads easier than ever before, your agency is going to be left behind.

Instead of seeking out generic leads with non-specific mass marketing campaigns, focus your approach and adopt new strategies that actually capture the attention of the right people. Not sure where to start? Take a look at these five effective lead generation strategies.

1. Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the few online lead generation channels that has remained relevant and effective but you do need to modernize your approach.

Like everyone else, your potential customers are inundated with emails that fail to capture their attention. Think about how full your own email’s junk folder is. Potential clients are also overwhelmed with useless information and ads so you need to figure out how to stand out and separate yourself from the noise if you want to gain sales.

Email marketing efforts should target your ideal lead types with personalized content. Do not fall into the trap of completely automating your email marketing. One of the biggest advantages of using email to generate leads is knowing exactly who you are contacting. Paid ads can be narrowed down to target a specific niche but it is difficult to know exactly who will see those advertisements.

2. LinkedIn Based Marketing

It is no surprise that a social media network created specifically to allow professionals to communicate with one another is a useful platform to generate more leads for your product or service.

LinkedIn’s lead generation tools allow you to create ads with extremely specific targeting criteria.

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The advantage to LinkedIn's lead generation tools is that campaigns can generate attention from decision-makers, the people who can actually hire you. The quality of your sales leads is much higher if they can decide to do business with your agency.

Use LinkedIn to target a higher caliber lead that otherwise might not notice your content. LinkedIn takes the unpredictability out of lead generation. You can promote directly to a particular type of lead rather than broader campaigns that focus on a demographic. If you haven’t already, look at how LinkedIn can improve your own agency’s efforts to generate leads.

3. Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is a focused business-to-business approach that focuses on a specific target to turn an ideal client into a customer.

Using data-driven targeting and personalized programs, you narrow in on securing business with a particular client. Essentially, you give yourself the highest likelihood of closing a specific deal.

To do this, you have to use as much behavioral data as you can to appeal to the right buyer personas. Use this information to create a focused list of accounts that have a high probability of resulting in sales.

As new data capturing technology becomes available to marketers, account-based marketing becomes more effective and personalized.

Account-based marketing does require more effort than passive marketing channels but that effort often sees greater rewards. Incorporate this strategy into your lead generation campaign to attract the right clients for your agency.

4. Search Marketing

Search engine based marketing can be an extremely valuable long-term lead generation strategy.

You want your website to be the first thing potential leads see when they search for the services you provide. To do this, make sure you incorporate search engine optimization into your marketing efforts.

Ensure the visibility of your website - and, more importantly, your services - to potential leads. Your website should be embedded with keywords that will alert search engines of your relevance.

Google AdWords is a tricky platform to perfect but it is an extremely effective way to grow your agency’s online presence.

5. Social Media Marketing

Do not ignore how important it is to connect with leads on mainstream social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Marketers have traditionally used these social media channels more for branding purposes but using them for lead generation is becoming more and more common.

Remember, generating leads is all about being where your leads are. If the leads you want to capture are active on a particular social media channel, your agency needs to have a presence there. Whether that means posting content on your own page or paying for advertisements, do not ignore mainstream social media platforms.

While LinkedIn is technically a social media platform, it is tailored more to professionals. For this reason, other social media networks have to be approached differently. Tailor your content to the audience that’s likely to see it. Everything connected to your agency should be appealing and appropriate for the platform you’re using.


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