LinkedIn Lead Generation Services: Pros and Cons

If you are in business, you should already know about LinkedIn. It’s been around since 2003 and is widely considered the leading networking platform for professionals.

You probably already know that LinkedIn is a great place to source candidates for an open position, but how can LinkedIn help you beyond employee recruitment?

The truth is, if used correctly, LinkedIn is an extremely powerful business tool. It has more than 575 million users around the world as of January 2020. That is a lot of potential leads! Luckily, the LinkedIn lead generation service helps you find the right ones for your agency.

So, How Does it Work?

Essentially, LinkedIn’s lead generation service is a targeted advertisement system. It lets you showcase your business to LinkedIn’s audience to generate interest in your brand.

For agencies, using ad campaigns to generate sales on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter or Google ad networks can be tricky. Although LinkedIn is not as ubiquitous as mainstream social media, it is a more professional and business-friendly environment full of potential customers.

LinkedIn has audience-refining features that make business-to-business interactions more effective to generate qualified leads. Because LinkedIn focuses on professional networking rather than social interactions and entertainment, it goes far beyond consumer sales.

As an agency, you should focus on generating these sorts of business-to-business leads.

The Pros of Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

● LinkedIn’s marketing solutions let you create detailed marketing campaigns that resonate within the industry you want to appeal to. This takes the unpredictability out of lead generation because you can promote directly to a particular type of lead. Other platforms where advertisements focus only on demographics are limited in this regard.

● Job title and seniority level targeting give you the ability to refine your target audience so decision-makers see your content. These are viable leads.

What is the point in directing campaigns to people who cannot make a meaningful connection with you? With LinkedIn, you can make sure the right people see your advertisements and content. This is one of the strongest benefits of using LinkedIn for generating leads.

● LinkedIn is one of the only social platforms that does not use a full pay-to-play model. It is possible to generate a considerable amount of views, connections, and traffic without having to buy ads or boost posts.

Essentially, if your content is deemed useful, LinkedIn shows it to an audience outside of your connections. Although this is not necessarily related to LinkedIn’s paid lead generation service, it is a major draw of the platform. You save money and connect with more leads.

● LinkedIn’s lead generation forms are seamless. When a LinkedIn member clicks on your advertisement, their profile data is automatically inserted.

This gives you complete, accurate information and your leads also save time and effort they may otherwise not be willing to spend on interacting with your ad.

● You can easily measure the return on investment (ROI) using LinkedIn’s conversion tracking analytics to see how effective your paid advertisements are at generating genuine sales opportunities.

This shows you if your efforts on LinkedIn are worthwhile. You won’t waste time and money if you know your advertisements are ineffective and know when to tweak your content so it connects better with your audience.

The Cons of Using LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

● Editing and creating paid advertising campaigns on LinkedIn is not as intuitive as it is on other platforms. LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager tool is difficult to use when compared to Facebook Ad Manager and Google AdWords.

The interface seems a bit clunky and the process can feel needlessly complicated. Once you create a campaign, making changes is difficult. This wastes time and causes unnecessary frustration.

● LinkedIn is an expensive platform to run paid advertisements on when compared to other business to business lead generation solutions. Although LinkedIn is certainly a valuable tool, this effectiveness does come at a significant cost.

If you are willing to pay for results, the cost might not be a sticking point for you. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning.

● LinkedIn changes its advertising platform pretty frequently. These changes are usually done to fix bugs and help the overall user experience in time but there is something to be said about familiarity. It’s hard to feel comfortable with the platform when it’s constantly being updated.

● Not everyone is active on the platform. While the 575 million users figure sounds large, experience has shown that only about 25% of them are active users of the platform.

Although it is a minor complaint, it is worth mentioning that some competing platforms address problems with their advertisement services with less disruption to the user experience.

Overall Impression of LinkedIn Lead Generation Services

LinkedIn advertisements offer agencies and businesses an additional way to generate leads. It is another useful channel to create new opportunities for your company.

While there is definitely room for improvement, LinkedIn does have its benefits. Because LinkedIn is a more professional environment than Facebook and Instagram, leads are more willing to connect with your agency professionally. The ability to specifically target decision-makers is incredibly valuable.

Lead quality rather than the overall quantity is where LinkedIn shines. It allows you to connect directly with other businesses, targeting the kind of clients your agency wants to attract with a reasonable amount of control.

Almost all of LinkedIn’s shortcomings can be overcome by using it alongside other advertisement platforms. Keep in mind that diversifying your lead generation channels allows you to maximize your agency’s ability to grow in a scalable way.

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