The AT&T guy at Costco actually got me to stop one night - here's how

We’ve all been there.

At the mall. At a store. At a festival.  

There are booths scattered about and usually a some-what too highly aggressive salesperson manning the booth who is trying like the dickens to make some sort of rapport with a poor soul that comes within shouting distance of their booth.

It happened to me last week at Costco.

And this time I stopped.

And I engaged.

And I nearly bought….right there.

Let me set the stage.

Walking into Costco on a Friday night with my daughter (I know, Costco on a Friday night. But it’s a bit of a Friday-night tradition in our house).

There’s a guy from AT&T at the front of the store, in the electronics section by all of the flat-screen TVs. I usually don’t give these people even a second of my time.

This guy is pitching broadband.  I have broadband. 100 megabit broadband by the cable company. Pretty happy with it…except the price. 

I’ve researched broadband and know that AT&T can’t shake a stick anywhere close to 100 megabit so I keep moving on.

The AT&T guy persists since the store was pretty empty.

The exchange went something like this:

  • Him: “Who do you have now?”

  • Me: “The Cable Company.” (as I keep walking, never breaking stride. Being in sales, I do at least try to acknowledge them somehow, someway though). 

  • Him: “What’s your speed?”

  • Me: “100 megabits. No thanks, I know that AT&T isn’t good in my neighborhood…I’ve done the research.”

  • Him: “Did you know that AT&T is rolling out fiber-based broadband? It’s cheaper than what CableCo is charging for their 100 megabits service.” 

  • Me: “No. I didn’t. Now I’m curious. Talk to me. “

I’ll skip the rest, but it was enough to get me to walk with him to his booth a couple of aisles over to pop in my address to see if my house is serviced by the new service (spoiler alert: it’s not…yet).  

The moral of the story here is that he got me to engage. 

He slayed each of my objections in a way that didn’t really annoy me.

He found the way in. 

How did he breakthrough?

He gave me a solution – faster internet at a lower monthly cost.

He did his job perfectly.  

He got my attention. He addressed a problem. And he gave me a solution to my problem. 

All the while not being sales-y.   

And in about 2 minutes time. 

And it was enjoyable. 

And I’m now actively waiting for the day when AT&T Fiber shows up in my neighborhood (he says to be on the lookout for little lawn flags that mark the fiber being laid). 

So next time you’re out there, knocking on the proverbial doors, remember:  Be persistent, get the person’s attention, address their problem, give them a solution to that problem, and be non-sales-y about the whole thing. 

The result might surprise you.  


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